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Help Me Reach My Goal of Becoming a Full-time Author

Every writer has a different goal. For some it may be critical acclaim – prizes, reviews in the Guardian or the Times Literary Supplement, a tweet by Margaret Atwood praising your book (although I wouldn’t say no to that). For others, it’s internal – writing the stories they love and getting pleasure from it. Writing […]

Post-apocalyptic Book Recommendations

Exile has now been out for over a week and I’ve been having fun watching which books it’s had time next to in the Amazon charts. I even woke up last Sunday to find it next to Stephen King, which was a nice surprise: It’s prompted me to come up with a list of post-apocalyptic books that I […]

How to set up SSL in WordPress

SSL is becoming more of a consideration for WordPress developers. Not only will you need it if you’re developing a transactional website, but now it could affect your SEO too. In this quick tip I’ll show you how easy it is to make your WordPress site more secure. What is SSL and Why Use It? […]

After the Flood – a Story

After the Flood – a Story

Catastrophic floods have devastated England and left Meg’s home underwater. She persuades her son Martin to escape by boat. But after he’s gone, she hears voices downstairs. Looters are looking for money – and her gun. Will Meg survive?